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Oct 29, 2003

OMG! this is soo much fun! Halloween is soon!! YAAA go us!~ lol FARIE* you need a costume girl!! PRONTO decorating da house.... scaring little children.... good times!!~ Iam way way to hyper rite now! lol Bean dance! Greatest man alive!! need to get a life and away from science! down with bio chem and phyis!! :) make your own blog sista~ lol

Posted at 04:08 pm by eri_rules_2000
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YA MOrgan!! Sweet blog!!~

OMG! Morgan Iam crazy hyper cause of you!! this thingy is amazing!~~ lol ok yes yes sympathy toward me! *TEAR I dont know what Iam going to do?> anyways... Religion best class ever! and  OMG your hair is amazing!!!! lol JEN were going to be faries!! YAA lol ANNS umbrella... lol

PARTY saturday! kirkins and LIZ! OMG good times ladies Iam way way way to hyper! swimming this sunday! lol JEN ;) wink lol anyways... congrads Kristy on the science award! YAA
  I dont know what else to write.....

Posted at 03:45 pm by eri_rules_2000
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